Thursday, December 17, 2009

Accessories for children

Cherrin jolly
An exclusive baby store that has items ranging from prices Rs.50 to Rs.20,000. Cherrin jolly stocks kids and babes apparels and accessories. This store offers readymades ranging from dungarees, tights, sweatshirts, capris to trousers, bermudas, T-shirts, shirts, frocks and accessories.

Located at Panambilly nagar, Manorama junction, Kochi


Now children have great addiction for the accessories of Cartoon characters. At this shop we can purchase out fits of spider man, bat man and ben 10.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Karthika Vilakku

Karthika vilakku is a special occasion for keralites. Like Deepavali its also the day of lights. 'Thamasorma Jyothirgamaya' lead me to light. This may be the logo of Karthika vilakku too. According to the place the legend behind the occasion changes. In my place we lit lights to welcome Srimuruka our temple's diety after his victory over tharakasura. In some places the legend is connected with goddess of that place. Anyway its a celebration over the victory of god against evil forces. I like this type of festivals. Children also like it. They will also be a part of it by arranging the 'Chirathu'. Another main attractionl of this festival is 'Karthika puzhukku'. In Chottanikkar temple karthika vilakku is a gand celebration.

'Mangala deepavumayi thrikkarthika anayukayay'

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Craft for children

Yesterday I had made an Origami cat for Hari. Then we tried to make paper flowers. Really I am trying to reduce the time of TV Viewing. We have to give them other activities to spend that time. I am very poor in craft making, but now i am browsing to study one material for each day. Today's craft is a dove....

This one is very difficult but its so cute...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its a tough time to spend creative and quality time with children. They like to do new things other than the usual spellings and problems. Origami is a clever item to try out ...Here is a link to make a bunny...try it out

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nursery rhyme in Malayalam

Sreekkuttan's new rhyme about 'thenmavu'

( thenmavu means the mango tree giving mangoes with the taste of honey)

'Muttathundoru thenmavu, muthassan nattoru thenmavu

Muthukkuda ulla thenmavu, muthassan nattoru thenmavu

Mambazham unde thunjathu, manikyam unde thunjathu

ningade ellam chundathu engine vanuu then thulli'

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aalappuzha beach

Last day we spend an evening in Alappuzha beach. We can see half built bridge in this beach now its not in good condition. Children spend their time playing in the sand. we can see Kite sellers every where in the beach. We also bought one kite. It was a tough task to my husband to help them to play with that kite. There is a good park for children very near to the beach. The sea was calm and we saw the sunset.

Hari liked to play with his father and pappu was with me. Pappu like stories more than Hari. Hari is very much interested to cars. I think its more than a 7 years old to play with a toy car. He wants to know more about it and likes magazines of cars.

But Pappu is always curious about our purana characters. Yesterday I bought two books containing lovely pictures. One is of Ganesha and the other is of Hanuman. When I gave that book to pappu I saw his interest to that stories of Little Hanuman and Ganesha.

Just opposite to the beach an Indian coffee house with lawn facility is there. We like their cutlets. It was a nice evening ...

Spending time with your child

Being a good parent we have to spend some time with our tots. My little ones will be very
happy to tell stories, songs and their class details to me. Its a message to them that we
are with you in your problems and your joys. For working parents in nuclear family its a tough task to find enough time to be with their kids.
We can plan time qualitatively. We can read stories, sing songs, do puzzles or play with
them. All these activities are energy boosters and make them more confident. This will make
them more attached to home.
I always prefer to speak about an event, like vacation activities or visit to the beach or visit to the temple. Its a great thing to hear from their view and how they perceived the world around them. Grand parents can do lot of things in this way. I still remember my grand mother telling stories to me with her hand soothing my hair. All these things are expressions of love.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poovakkattuchira park

Hari and Aswin playing in the park

Poovakkattuchira park is at Changanacherry very near to SB college. It may be the only hang out for children in Changanacherry. The park has many playing facilities and there we have the boating facility also. Hygienic walkways and clean surroundings make this place more attractive. Changanacherry municipality had done a commentable effort to construct such a plac e for people to spend their leisure time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hari's Anniversary

A performance based on rainy season

Children performing a dance about Krishna. 'Come here my dear krishna kanayya .....'

Chairman during the satsang

Children reciting poem 'Ammakku Punnara makkal nammal'

Tribal dance

Satsang by all the kindergarten children of the school

Rhymes by LKG Children

Chief guest Kalamandalm Sugandhy, Chairman of the school commander Suresh, Principal Mrs. Saraswathy, AOL members on the stage

Japanese dance by LKG children

Hari and his friends performing tribal dance

Krishna dance by LKG children

Annual day celebrations of SSRVM school, Kochi had conducted at the Finearts Hall, Kochi.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pappu and Hari with Kavadi

More pictures of thaipooyakavadi ghoshayathra

'Dandayudhapani perunnayil amarumen devane aarumukhane'
A famous devotional song about Kavadi is Pazhani mala kovilile...Lyrics of this song
'Pazhani Mala Kovilile Paal Kavadi
Bala Subramanyante Peeli Kavadi
Anna kavadi.. Agni Kavadi
Abhisheka Kavadi Kavadi
Kanni Kavadi Kalabha Kavadi
Karppura Kavadi Kavadi
Velmuruga Haro Hara
Shri Muruga Haro Hara
Vaa Muruga Haro Hara
Aadi Roopa Haro Hara
Neela Mayileri Vilayaadi Vaa Vaa
Veleduthu Veeraakkaliyaadi Vaa Vaa
Vellimani Pallakkileri Vaa Vaa
Ezhumala Vaanarulum Velayudha Vaa Vaa
Velmuruga Haro Hara
Shri Muruga Haro Hara
Vaa Muruga Haro Hara
Aadi Roopa Haro Hara
Pazhani Mala Kovilile....'

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VGP golden beach resort, Chennai

This amusement park is located 30 Km from the Chennai city. Many rides for the children and elders attract more tourists.
Some popular rides in the park are joy train, jumping frog, dashing cars, roller coaster, giant wheel, balloon racer, water boat and rodeo bull.

VGP Universal Kingdom,
VGP Square,Chennai - 15
Phone - 044 – 24356900

Monday, January 12, 2009

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