Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sree, Hari and Aswin

Aswin is my sister's son. Now he is 3 years. He is very smart and naugty. One thing noticed that he had a keen interest in 'Chenda'. He plays his 'toy chenda' in a lovely manner. His grand father who retired from KSEB also very interested in art forms.

Sree Subrahmanya swami Temple, perunnai

Sree Subrahmabyaswamy Temple is at Changanacherry, Kottayam District. Chief diety is Subrahmanya swamy. This temple is very near to my home. My grand mother and mother are great devotees of 'velayudhaswamy'.

beauty of greenery-from kuttanadu

'Kuttanadan punjayile Kochupenne Kuyilale Kottuvenam Kuzhal venam Kurava venam' a line from the famous vanjippattu.
Some places in Kuttanadu...
Manackalchira, Kidangara, Ramankary, Mankombu, Chambakkulam, Pulinkunnu, Kannadi, Kavalam, Oorikkary, Kainakary, Chathurthyakary, Pazhaveedu, Pallikkoottummel,Pullangadi,Pallathuruthy, Kanjippadam, Ambalappuzha
Famous temples in Kuttanadu
Ambalappuzha Sreekrishna swamy Temple
Chakkulathukavu devi Temple
Mullakkal Temple Alappuzha
Mankombu devi temple
Chambakkulam kallambilil temple
Chambakkulam padippurakkal temple
Thakazhi Sri Dharmashastha temple

A scene from Alappuzha-Changanacherry Road

The road starts from perunnai(from MC road). The junction is called Red square. The Head office of Nair service society is also in this place. Throughout the journey you can see paddy fields, river and coconut groves. In this road you can buy fresh fish(Karimeen) and duck. Home stays are available, there you can mingle with the villagers and taste the village cuisine in a better way. House boats with all facilities are a major attraction of the tourists. The journey through this road opens up the life of Kuttandu in a better way. Children playing and bathing in the water, ladies cleaning utensils and washing clothes in the canal and the flock of duck passing by...the huge mountain of hay and the smell of grain remind us we are passing through the major granery of Kerala where life is very close with the nature and its beauties.
The canal running parellel to Alappuzha-Changanacherry road is a man made canal(AC canal). KTDC is planning to exploit the tourism opportunities in this area. They had built a boat jetty in Manackalchira in perunna to allow the tourist for a boating through the rural areas of Kuttanad and then to Kottayam through this canal. The project envisioned a connection of the back water tourism to Highrange tourism. The dredging of the canal is lagging due to negligence of authorities. The canal ends in Pallathuruthy river. Flood is a part of their life, they did not even consider it as a national calamity. For a farmer every thing even the thoughts are in the natural way...
Some more images from Aalappluzha-Changanacherry Road

Ramakkalmedu- opening vast and vivid colours of nature

Above shot is from Ramakkalmedu, Idukki. It is in the Kerala-Thamilnadu border. From the top of the cliff you will say amazing! Below you can see Tamilnadu paddyfields. A wind energy station is located here.
Have a big leap

Sree in a playful mood

Sree and Hari with their toys

I become upset always when my boys trying to scatter their toys from the basket seen in the picture. That basket was brought from Onamthuruthu, our chitta's home. After some time Hari start to collect all the toys in that Basket(kotta in malayalam).
Chitta is Mrs.Radhamoni who is the sister of my mother in law. Onamthuruthu is her husband's home. Now she had retired from her career as a teacher. My husband and his brother had done their academics staying in her home. He had great respect and love towards this wonderful woman.
Onamthuruthu is a village near to Ettumanoor. Transporting facility is one or two buses from Ettumanoor. The shady roads frilled with paddy fields and canals make this village more peaceful. This is in Neendoor Panchayathu. It is a peaceful place to live very near to the letters city of Kerala, Kottayam. Onamthuruthu Sreekrishnaswamy temple is an ancient temple very near to chitta's home. Athirampuzha, Mannanam, Medical College, Manjoor, Kurumulloor, Kaipuzha, Kallara are nearest villages.

Sree with his master piece smile

Smile.....a sensible way to good health. Smile is a silent and warming welcome message to the whole world around you, so don't hesitate to use this powerful tool which soothens tensions around you. Smile increases the positive attitude and it lead to a healthy life. Try to smile because it reduces your tension and tension of the people around you. A smile makes you 'feel at home'. Try to smile without any external trigger. Try it in a traffic block, in a queue, working table or in kitchen. Watch the positive energy flowing into you....
Some benifits of smiling..
  • Makes you more beautiful....
  • Draws attention of more people....
  • Reduce stress and tension..
  • Spreads a mood of happiness around you....
  • Makes you more lovable....
  • You will look younger...
  • Strengthens the immune system..
  • Reduces the blood pressure...
  • Make you more positive...
  • Changes your mood..

Elephants... Children...

Sree -six months old

This shot was taken from Kulamavu dam near Idukki.
This place is very calm and the film'Vaishali' shooted from here. From Thodupuzha to Idukki route you can view 3 dams Idukki dam, kulamavu dam and cheruthoni. Idukki dam is supported by these two small dams. From Thodupuzha almost 40 hair pin bends to climb to the highrange. You can feel the pressure difference.
Idukki dam is the world's second and Asia's first Arch dam. It connects two hills Kuravan and Kurathi.

Beauty of nature from Elappara

Elappara is a main town in Edukki district. This place is famous for Tea Estates. This place is only 4 km from the famous tourist spot Vagamon. The idyllic beauty of Vagamon makes it a suitable place for a pleasureful picnic spot in a non polluted atmosphere. We can not forget the journey through Elappara because of the winds with full of energy and the hills covered with tea plants. Mostly the workers in these tea estates are Tamilians. If you are intersted to spend a day in a non polluted atmosphere have a trip to Highrange...... Vagamon is a place of hills and meadows(mottakkunnu)..

Sree govind

Sree in his traditional dress

It is very hard to manage a web site in between the tasks of managing the children, cooking, cleaning, washing and everything. But we can not change the situations. I am writing these words from my own experience. For the last few years I had procrastinated my career for the house hold chores. But now my second child is only 2 years old and his grand mother is not healthy enough to manage him alone. Finally my mind reached a conclusion that to do something to earn, something to remember, something that polishes your knowledge, something that will not hurt anyone, something you enjoy to do. Now I am doing some internet based activities without disturbing anyone. Some tips from my experience..

  1. Don't expect that the situations will change overnight

  2. Try your maximum to Convince your child about your work

  3. Share everything with your husband

  4. Fix some hours to work and also spend some time with the child

  5. Don't try to make your home clean and beautiful as in cinema or in serials

  6. Mind plays the keyrole in every thing so place it in the creative mood

  7. Just keep some time to pray

  8. Try to wake up early morning and finish the cooking

  9. Don't try to make every thing 100%

  10. Appreciate yourself for doing such wonderful things

In between all these tips sometimes I will shout to my children. It is also a safety valve of the mind.
Tom and Jerry

A shot from Elappara Highrange

At Elappara wherever you look you can see Tea Estates. The cool Breeze will make us fresh and happy.

Harigovind with his 'mottathala'

The laugh, the smile all are from their heart. My grandmother will always say'pilla manassil kallamilla' means child's expressions are right from their heart. They can not manipulate any thing. Hari is very craze about cars. He can identify the car from the picture. Still I am not at all an expert in this field. He had building blocks which are his favorites.
Be positive

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am Pappu

I am Pappu. I am one and a half years old. I have one brother. His name Hari Govind. Sometimes I call him 'chetta' and sometimes'Eda'. I am from Kerala. I have a craze for nose. If I like anyone I will pick his nose. Yesterday we went to a Textile shop in Thripunithura, there I caught the nose of the big toy exhibited there.
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