Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aalappuzha beach

Last day we spend an evening in Alappuzha beach. We can see half built bridge in this beach now its not in good condition. Children spend their time playing in the sand. we can see Kite sellers every where in the beach. We also bought one kite. It was a tough task to my husband to help them to play with that kite. There is a good park for children very near to the beach. The sea was calm and we saw the sunset.

Hari liked to play with his father and pappu was with me. Pappu like stories more than Hari. Hari is very much interested to cars. I think its more than a 7 years old to play with a toy car. He wants to know more about it and likes magazines of cars.

But Pappu is always curious about our purana characters. Yesterday I bought two books containing lovely pictures. One is of Ganesha and the other is of Hanuman. When I gave that book to pappu I saw his interest to that stories of Little Hanuman and Ganesha.

Just opposite to the beach an Indian coffee house with lawn facility is there. We like their cutlets. It was a nice evening ...

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