Monday, August 30, 2010

Creative Leaves

I liked these works from Smitha, I got it from this craft blog, mindful meandearings.
I think its an expression of love, creativity and a bliss of nature. I appreciate all the team behind this post.
I love leaves. When we observe nature we can see unique creations. Each leave is unique with smell, shape, texture , colour and shape. My son had a dry leaves collection project in last summer vacation. We enjoyed that project, my parents also collected leaves from our neighbourhood. From that I fell in love with the leaves and this post is the result of that. Leaves have an important role in our life. Please share your experience with leaves...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Iva Motto's Cycle and some confusions

Some questions from children make us silent. Yesterday I am showing some photos of the bomb blast in Hiroshima to my children. It was very painful to convince them about the most innocent people dead after this attack. They want to know how war will come. How can we know the time and escape from the present place. In that pictures one was of a small rusted cycle. Story accompanied with the cycle as follows. Iva Motto was a small boy in Hiroshima who loved his small cycle as any other child. When the bomb blasted he was playing with his cycle, he dead sitting at his dearmost playmate. Cycle remained as a close monument to that little child who became a martyr of war fronts. The cycle is now kept at a museum in Japan.
After hearing the story Hari asked me 'Will you keep this cycle of me as my monument, If anyone will attack with a bomb' I told there will not be any bomb attacks and this happened long ago. But I am also not so sure of what I am saying...
To know more about the monuments after Hiroshima Bomb attack
Hiroshima Peace memorial Park
Story of thousand cranes, another haunting story of a little girl who tried to save her life by creating 1000 paper cranes.
More images

Friday, August 6, 2010

Noha's Ark

I had bought a book for Sree. He had not started reading yet but I think pictures will tempt him to read the book. It was a nice book with lot of pictures and very nice event that happened in Noha's Ark. Wonderful Pictures and an easy rendering. He loved it and started to imitate the happenings of the book.
When we select books for small children, more pictures will result in more fun. More than buying a book we have to find enough time to read with them also. I wrote his name on the book and the date. He was overwhelmed with joy seeing his name on the book. It was a grateful moment for me for having them make my world more happier.
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