Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VGP golden beach resort, Chennai

This amusement park is located 30 Km from the Chennai city. Many rides for the children and elders attract more tourists.
Some popular rides in the park are joy train, jumping frog, dashing cars, roller coaster, giant wheel, balloon racer, water boat and rodeo bull.

VGP Universal Kingdom,
VGP Square,Chennai - 15
Phone - 044 – 24356900


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dimpy roy said...

Nice resort. Thanks for sharing. A city where tradition and modernity coexist in light of a rich heritage and cultural past. Chennai (Madras) is fast becoming one of the most sophisticated metropolitans. With its plethora of historical features, ancient temples, dance and art forms, Chennai (Madras) is popularly known as the Gateway to South India. Check out VGP Universal Kingdom, a must visit theme park in Chennai with endless attractions.

Logavani Govindaraj said...

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