Monday, November 30, 2009

Karthika Vilakku

Karthika vilakku is a special occasion for keralites. Like Deepavali its also the day of lights. 'Thamasorma Jyothirgamaya' lead me to light. This may be the logo of Karthika vilakku too. According to the place the legend behind the occasion changes. In my place we lit lights to welcome Srimuruka our temple's diety after his victory over tharakasura. In some places the legend is connected with goddess of that place. Anyway its a celebration over the victory of god against evil forces. I like this type of festivals. Children also like it. They will also be a part of it by arranging the 'Chirathu'. Another main attractionl of this festival is 'Karthika puzhukku'. In Chottanikkar temple karthika vilakku is a gand celebration.

'Mangala deepavumayi thrikkarthika anayukayay'

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