Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snacks for vacation

I had purchased one small packet of popcorn seeds from varkeys super market, Petta. According to the instructions in the packet I had made fresh and hot popcorns for my little ones. Pappu is very fond of fried items than juices or fruits.
We have to select a vessel with hard bottom and with a lid
Pour some oil or butter into it
Put a pinch of salt, Corriander powder (malli podi) and Chilli powder(mulaku podi) to the oil
After that add 2-3 spoon of pop corn seeds into it
Stir occasionally
Close the lid
We can hear the spluttering sound
Within 5 minutes we will get hot and tasty pop corns
Its an easy home made snack

Grape juice

Our Sunday's special was Grape juice. Grapes may be the fruits with large amount of pesticides in it. But its juice is a great refresher and nutritious.
I had purchased the purple grapes from Maradu wholesale market. It was fresh and price was also reasonable. Its an apt place to buy vegetables and fresh fruits. More about Maradu urban wholesale market.
I put the grapes for two hour in water sprinkled with salt and turmeric.

Washed them thoroughly

Boiled them in a clean vessel

I had no juicer so I blended the grapes and sugar using a mixie

Then strained it using a sieve or we may use a clean cloth

Chilled the juice

Serve them with great pride....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Guava shake, attractively pink

Its very important to add some fruits in our daily diet in this summer season. Shakes are apt to this season. Children will drink the milk with different colour and flavour. I think its an easy way to have them fruits along with milk.
Today a hasty visit to my friend at palluruthy opened before us the exotic taste of guava with the wonderful colour. She gave me an instant guava shake. I forgot to take pictures because of its freshness and taste.....
Yesterday I bought one bottle Real fruit juice for my children. Frankly I didn't liked it. With that money we can make more quantity of fresh juice or milk shakes. If we are in a comfortable place to make such things try these things....they are cheaper, fresh and reliable.
Her receipe of guava shake:
two ripe Guava, some ice cubes,milk and sugar. The output was a siky milk shake with wonderful pink colour.

  • Select full ripe guava with pink colour
  • Wash it thouroughly in running water
  • Peel it
  • Cut it into small cubes
  • Put it in a mixie and make a smooth paste
  • add sufficient amount of milk and sugar
  • Strain it
  • Serve with a proud smile
  • Result will be awesome...
  • We can add one or two crushed ice cubes to it
  • Try it out just now!!!!
  • If you are adding chilled milk no need to add ice cubes

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacations and snacks

Vacations bring a mixed feeling of tension and relax. I am surfing throughout the net for home made easy receipis for my children.
They love ice creams very much. I had made ice cream last week without an ice cream maker. For that I had purchased one Ice cream powder (fruito man's) and Fresh cream from Varkeys super market. We will get different flavours of ice cream powder. Mangoe, Pine apple etc. Another brand name of ice cream powder is Bakers.
I boiled one packet milk(500 ml) with one packet ice cream powder. Allow it to cool. Then blend it in Mixie with Fresh cream. Freeze it. Blend the mixture in an interval of one hour. We got a tasty and frothy(not so smooth as we buy) ice cream. But we can have it with a pride b'se its home made.....
I had made this without ice cream powder last year. Then we must have sugar, corn flour, vanilla syrup and fresh cream with milk. It was also tasty.
Check this links to make an eggless ice cream for your kids
Roopa's kitchen
Eggless cooking from Madhuram

Priya's strawberry flavour

low fat ice cream

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annual day of Hari and Sree

Nursery rhymes by sree govind
Harvest dance by Hari govind and his friends

Sree kuttan on the stage...

His rhyme was 'muttathundoru thenmavu'

Hari with pala thoppi and kaili mundu performing a vilaveduppu dance

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magazines for children

Some times I feel guilty for having not enough time to spent quality time with my children. I am really eager to tell the stories of Harishchandra, shibi chakraborthy and Sri rama. In my childhood Amar chitrakatha was my best friend and I had carried a few copies during our journeys. Poombatta was also a great entertainer. We had no Television, reading was the most popular entertainment on holidays.
Now my children always play like some terror charecters in cartoon channel, I am in a confused state that will there be an ideal personality in their mind other than the TV charecters.
Kalikkudukka and magic pot are two famous children magazine nowadays.

Tinkle is another magazine with lots of fun

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