Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dry leaves chart -Vacation project

The chart with dry leaves. Its a nice time with them. Hari had done all these including the pasting and border drawing. I helped him to identify the names. Sree liked the peepal leaves because its shape remembered him of LOVE.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Its Time for Vacation Project

Hari is busy with his vacation projects. He has to make a chart with pictures of living and non living things. I am very proud to say that he is doing these things in his own way. I had seen lot of parents worrying about their children's dependant nature. We have to give them instructions but allow them to do it as they like. It may not be perfect, but they have to know the pains, frustrations and hard work behind every work. After finishing it they can also enjoy the credit also. In my home Sree is in UKG. So he has no projects and nothing to study. So he is continuously interfearing with the elders work. So I had to give him another project...
Hari's another project is dry leaves collection. He had collected some leaves and they are in the lap of our dictionaries. But he is least interested in Botany. So its my duty to find the names. I like it most, really I want more of these projects.
Some tips on this project are

  • Collect leaves

  • For drying it we can place it in pages of thick books or we can place it in between newspaper and place a weight on top of it. After 3-4 days change the newspaper and repeat the procedure.

  • Then we can paste it on chart paper or in book

  • We have to write its name in English, in our language and its scientific name

  • Its a nice project to know our nature

  • Every leaf is different in its texture, shape and smell.

Its a great pleasure to see our children doing such things and watching them behind. It can not be explained in words. We can join them to accomplish their great tasks and to upbring them as as a nice person. Yes, I am finding great joy in small things, its the title of today's post of my favourite blogger. Please have a look at this worthy post.

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