Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spending time with your child

Being a good parent we have to spend some time with our tots. My little ones will be very
happy to tell stories, songs and their class details to me. Its a message to them that we
are with you in your problems and your joys. For working parents in nuclear family its a tough task to find enough time to be with their kids.
We can plan time qualitatively. We can read stories, sing songs, do puzzles or play with
them. All these activities are energy boosters and make them more confident. This will make
them more attached to home.
I always prefer to speak about an event, like vacation activities or visit to the beach or visit to the temple. Its a great thing to hear from their view and how they perceived the world around them. Grand parents can do lot of things in this way. I still remember my grand mother telling stories to me with her hand soothing my hair. All these things are expressions of love.

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