Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Architects from my home

Hari had made these homes. I always talk to him about other blogs. During navarathri days I had talked him about 'Bomma golu' and other craft activities by children. I was so inspired by the crafts made by Anuradha in her blog. After a week he planned to make some houses. Two of the houses are made by him.

We had used Camel water colour tubes, Fevicol craft glue and cellotape, chart paper and some coloured papers.

Hari and Sree so busy ....

i I loved this one with a muddy look and some greens. The black coloured object is the well!!!!
Children have so many hidden talents so let them do some activities, we must help them through giving ideas and tools for the activities. Nowadays they have no option for wandering and playing without limits. We can have some craft time together to express our joy and love towards them.
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