Monday, July 19, 2010

Story of Jadayu and Sambathi

'Jatayu Vadham' This painting is by the great artist Revi Varma. To see more paintings of Revi Varma, the legendary artist from Kerala.
Its a story with lot of brotherly affection. Jadayu and Sambathi were two eagle brothers. Oneday they made a bet and started to flew high in the sky. They neared the sun. Sambathi was the elder. He saw Jadayu nearing to the sun. Fastly he over ride Jadayu and spread his wings over him to save him from the scorching heat of sun. Then his feathers burnt and he lost his wings. He fell on the top of rocky hill in a sea side.
After that jadayu tried to save Sita devi from Ravana. After the encounter with Ravana he dead. Before his death he told Rama about the kidnapping.
During the search time of sita devi the monkeys found Samabathi and told about the death of jadayu. He gave valuable information to monkeys about Sitadevi.

An interesting story of Jatayu rock from Kerala

Amar chitra katha was the source of these stories in my childhood, still remembering that pictures in that stories.

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