Monday, July 19, 2010

Story of Valmiki

Karkkidakam is the Ramayana month of Kerala. A creative ritual to read an epic in one month, it may be a compulsive reading but we can go through the whole epic. Ramayana is rich with spiritual principles and small stories. My children like these stories...
Story of Valmiki
The story of the great author of Ramayana. Its a story to convince children about the power of 'Rama' sound.
The original name of Valmiki was Ratnakara and he was a thief. He looked after his family through robbery. One day saptharshis came through his way. He tried to attack them. They asked him about his work. He said that through this he have to look after his familly. They asked if the family will share his sins also. He went to home and asked his family members whether they will share his sins also. They rejected . Very sadly he came back to the saints and told them about the happenings. They told him to sit below a tree and tell'mara mara' without any break. It will eradicate his sins. Then he started to do the process and rishis continued their journey. After several years they came back through the same path. Then they saw a 'valmikam' an ant hill in the place where he meditated. They found him under the ant hill still uttering the words 'Ramaramarama'. After that he got the name Valmiki, who emerged from Valmikam. Its the story behind the great saint. With the blessings of Sri Rama he became the first poet in Sanskrith. Thus he got the name Aadi kavi.
Children will like these type of stories and they will become aware of the power of such sounds. Please share your views..

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