Friday, March 26, 2010

Guava shake, attractively pink

Its very important to add some fruits in our daily diet in this summer season. Shakes are apt to this season. Children will drink the milk with different colour and flavour. I think its an easy way to have them fruits along with milk.
Today a hasty visit to my friend at palluruthy opened before us the exotic taste of guava with the wonderful colour. She gave me an instant guava shake. I forgot to take pictures because of its freshness and taste.....
Yesterday I bought one bottle Real fruit juice for my children. Frankly I didn't liked it. With that money we can make more quantity of fresh juice or milk shakes. If we are in a comfortable place to make such things try these things....they are cheaper, fresh and reliable.
Her receipe of guava shake:
two ripe Guava, some ice cubes,milk and sugar. The output was a siky milk shake with wonderful pink colour.

  • Select full ripe guava with pink colour
  • Wash it thouroughly in running water
  • Peel it
  • Cut it into small cubes
  • Put it in a mixie and make a smooth paste
  • add sufficient amount of milk and sugar
  • Strain it
  • Serve with a proud smile
  • Result will be awesome...
  • We can add one or two crushed ice cubes to it
  • Try it out just now!!!!
  • If you are adding chilled milk no need to add ice cubes

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