Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sree govind

Sree in his traditional dress

It is very hard to manage a web site in between the tasks of managing the children, cooking, cleaning, washing and everything. But we can not change the situations. I am writing these words from my own experience. For the last few years I had procrastinated my career for the house hold chores. But now my second child is only 2 years old and his grand mother is not healthy enough to manage him alone. Finally my mind reached a conclusion that to do something to earn, something to remember, something that polishes your knowledge, something that will not hurt anyone, something you enjoy to do. Now I am doing some internet based activities without disturbing anyone. Some tips from my experience..

  1. Don't expect that the situations will change overnight

  2. Try your maximum to Convince your child about your work

  3. Share everything with your husband

  4. Fix some hours to work and also spend some time with the child

  5. Don't try to make your home clean and beautiful as in cinema or in serials

  6. Mind plays the keyrole in every thing so place it in the creative mood

  7. Just keep some time to pray

  8. Try to wake up early morning and finish the cooking

  9. Don't try to make every thing 100%

  10. Appreciate yourself for doing such wonderful things

In between all these tips sometimes I will shout to my children. It is also a safety valve of the mind.
Tom and Jerry

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rv said...

u seem a very practical person, coz u have written the exact things i feel happens tomost of us (though i dont have kids), i too gave up my career after mariage as my husband works outside....we dont have kids (wud love to, but had a miscarriage , so waiting for another chance).....but there are several unavoidable people in our lives, whose thoughts just invoke some not so pleasant times....those times, i didnt know what to do, so i am also in the process of finding ways to do positive and practical thinking:)

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