Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sree and Hari with their toys

I become upset always when my boys trying to scatter their toys from the basket seen in the picture. That basket was brought from Onamthuruthu, our chitta's home. After some time Hari start to collect all the toys in that Basket(kotta in malayalam).
Chitta is Mrs.Radhamoni who is the sister of my mother in law. Onamthuruthu is her husband's home. Now she had retired from her career as a teacher. My husband and his brother had done their academics staying in her home. He had great respect and love towards this wonderful woman.
Onamthuruthu is a village near to Ettumanoor. Transporting facility is one or two buses from Ettumanoor. The shady roads frilled with paddy fields and canals make this village more peaceful. This is in Neendoor Panchayathu. It is a peaceful place to live very near to the letters city of Kerala, Kottayam. Onamthuruthu Sreekrishnaswamy temple is an ancient temple very near to chitta's home. Athirampuzha, Mannanam, Medical College, Manjoor, Kurumulloor, Kaipuzha, Kallara are nearest villages.

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