Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playing with Clay

clay models made by our brother in law

It is very nice to observe children when they are working seriously. Making beads from the clay and arranging them in the board. This is his own creation. Sree was really interested to do things but always mix all the colours....

The above two works are done by Sree himself. He had made an ornament with clay beads. The next one is of Leech(Atta in malayalam). He had added different colours to the world of 'Attas'. According to him it is the 'Racing of Atta':))

Spider made by Hari. He had added only six legs

A water experience made by Hari. He will not cooperate with any one. He had clear cut ideas and will work on it. So when we play with clay sree and I will be in a team.

Clay ornament made by Hari

Clay jewellery is an interesting field. This was made by me and Sree.

A scene from nature by Hari.

Clay is an ideal material to play with. We have used modelling clay, it was non toxic. I had purchased it from A1 stores at South Railway station, Ernakulam. They had two models of the same. One model is brown or ash coloured rectangle another one has multicoloured clay. I had bought the two models. First day it was a thrilling experience. The next week our in law's visited us and they had done some good job with clay. It was a creative scene everyone in the house with a ball of clay and always appreciating and laughing at others creations. Our brother in law made a cashew nut and some amazing models with clay. The first picture shows the result of his work.
Its one of the effective ways to enhance your brain activity.

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