Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Bapuji

Picture courtsey:http://www.kamat.com/mmgandhi/gandhi.htm
Hari has to present some words before the assembly. He can choose the topic and he can also read it before them. I suggested him to say about Mahatma Gandhi. Then I have to explain them about British rulers. He was also curious to know more about Gandhi appooppan. I told him about his attire. He was so firm to choose his dress as a layman in India. It was a nice evening with lot of discussions about some great men who gave up their luxuries for the freedom struggle of India. I told him about 'Ahimsa' non violence and 'Satya graha'. Then came 'salt satyagraha' and Swadeshi movement.
Its a great thing to tell about a topic. We have to be precise. It must be digestible to an 8 year old. It must be simple. This effort by the school is appreciable because its a window to the great ocean of knowledge.
At last we finished our task with these words
'Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi is the father of our nation. He was born in Gujarath.
He was the main leader of the freedom movement against British. He introduced different
methods of strikes against British in a peaceful way. 'Satyagraha' and and 'Nissahakarana' are
some of them. He introduced 'Swadeshi movement' and urged people to use our own products.
He was a true lover of humanity and spend almost all his life time for the freedom of India.'


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Aswathi:)

Youngsters of today don't think of Gandhiji and the great sacrifices he made to get freedom for us.

It is a great idea to teach your young son about Gandhiji.Your son would have leart something new and something different from what he sees and hears in his day to day life-violence,attack,murder, shooting etc. Ahimsa is a fantastic thing and works magic in a persons life. Non violence is a supreme armour against all evils in this world.But this is very difficult to practice unless a person has a tough mind.

Very useful time spent with your son and you sowed some fantastic thoughts in his young mind.

Bave a nice day Aswathi:)

AswathiBabu said...

Thanks sir for yr descriptive note

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