Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stories to Children

Blogging helps me to know more about parenting. I follow more than 15 blogs and it help me to get different perceptions about different topics. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to do so. I like to read mother's blogs. They have to tell a lot about their little ones. Every child has its own plus and minus. My elder one is having a great craze to cars. From the age of 2 he began to identify the model. Now he wants to know more technical details like mileage and space etc. He is not so interested to stories but like to read Auto magazines. My little one have an innate affection towards dance.
Hari and Sree are eager to hear stories of puranas. Yesterday I had told him about Sree Shankaracharya. I had told him about the story with crocodile and about the raining of gold gooseberries by chanting 'Kanakadhara sthothram'. You can read the story behind this stotram here.
My little one is more curious about these stories. Seeing their response I decided to tell them more about the eminent personalities of the world.
I liked these posts of Preethi shenoy. Have a look at it.
Are you in search for stories to children. Nice rendering of story Gajendra moksha

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