Friday, April 23, 2010

Vacation Projects for Hari

He has to do some yoga during vacation which include surynamaskaram. But his main project is to collect various leaves and make an album using dry leaves. It sounds so interesting to me but he is least interested in it. He always thinks about and cars. He is very familiar about power window and power steering.

Any how we had collected some leaves and kept it for perfect drying. I hope to take some pictures the dry leaves album.

Kariyila thoughts...

In malayalam we had a story about 'Kariyila' and 'Mannangatta'. It was an interesting simple story. Kariyila is fallen leaves dried in sun light.
Kariyila and mannankatta went to Kashi ..
In Kerala everymorning we have to clean courtyard of our home. Most of the homes contain shady trees in front of the house. This cleaning process is known as 'Muttamadikkal' broom is called 'Choolu'. Choolu is made from the core portion of coconut leaves known as 'Eerkil'.

Making of the broom is a tedious process.

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