Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pappu's joo

Tender pineapple images from Idukki.

Pineapple images. In malayalam its called 'Kaitha chakka'.
Carrot and Oranje mixed juice in Preethi mixer extractor.
Now he had crossed 2 years. But his talking skills are very poor. His most favored food is 'joo' that is Juice. Pineapple juice is his favourite. Pineapple is my favourite too.
Healthy benefits of pineapple in this summer session...
  1. Pineapple contains Calcium, Pottassium and rich in fibre too.
  2. It contains Manganese which strengthens the bones in older people and helps to the bone growth in younger generation.
  3. It contains Bromelain, which fight against colds and dissolves mucus.
  4. Fresh Pineapple juice makes digestion easy
  5. It is rich with fibres and a remedy for constipation.
  6. Source of Vitamin C which strenghthens the immune system
  7. Daily intake reduces age related eye problems
  8. Pineapples are good for the oral health
  9. It helps to reduce the pain of woman during mensus
  10. It is low in fat and cholestrol
  11. Vitamin C is the primary antioxidant of the body soluble in water. Vitamin C fight against free radicals that creates asthma attacks and heart diseases. Pineapple is rich with VitaminC.
  12. Pineapple juice is a powerful energy booster.

    In Kerala Pineapple is used to prepare 'Morukari' (Pulissery)and a sweet curry called 'Pachadi'.
    Another Juice I prefer is Carrot

Benefits of Carrot Juice

  1. Carrots make your immune system more healthy
  2. Its good for the skin
  3. It prevents ageing
  4. It is rich with Vitamin A, makes your eyes more healthy
  5. Carrots contain betacarotene, which are good for our health
  6. Protect the stomach from ulcers
  7. Beta carotenes are anti-cancerous, anti-tumoral, anti-ulceric and anti coronary.
  8. It has lot of nutrition for us, it is called 'miracle juice'.
  9. Its good for your complexion...

Fresh juices improve our immunity, digestive power and detoxifies our body. Try to do some changes in the daily diet with more fruits and vegetables. Small changes in the diet will do miracles in your health. Have a big smile

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